Programme Outcomes

The Towns Fund Programme will realise the following outcomes for Telford whilst contributing to wider regional and national growth and prosperity:

Economic outcomes Social outcomes Environmental outcomes
Drive footfall, generate local spend and sustain quality services. Enhance range of good quality, affordable housing options available to residents. Delivery of low carbon sustainable developments.
Increase local employment opportunities. Improve services near to disadvantaged areas – narrowing the gap between most and least disadvantaged communities. Economic and housing development within a sustainable growth area.
Improve resilience, entrepreneurship and growth in our existing business base and in digital and cultural sectors. Increase number of young people accessing digital opportunities. Attractive and connected sustainable spaces and places.
Improve workforce skills to drive growth - meeting employer demand for a digital workforce. Retain a greater proportion of younger age groups through providing opportunity. Realise the potential of assets through refurbishment.
Expand resident population.
Create conditions for future private investment in town centres.