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Common FAQs

In September 2019, the government formed the Towns Fund; a £3.6 billion programme to regenerate towns across the country. Telford was invited as one of the 101 towns to bid for a share of the funding in accordance with the objectives of the Fund View more information in Towns Fund prospectus (opens new window).

All towns were required to establish a Town Deal Board which includes representatives from the public, private and community and voluntary sectors to lead the development of a Town Investment Plan. Download the full Town Investment Plan (PDF, 21MB). Please note, this document was the original submission.

In June 2021, £22.3m was offered from the Towns Fund to deliver the Town Investment Plan. As the funding award was less than our bid, the Town Deal Board prioritised a reduced number of projects to be taken forward.

Detailed project business cases were developed as part of the Phase 2 Towns Fund Process and these were approved by Government in August 2022.

The Telford Towns Fund Programme now consists of three projects:

Download a copy of the Telford Town Investment Plan (PDF, 21MB).

The Towns Fund is a £3.6 billion funding pot that the government set up to level up towns and cities around the country like Telford. Our town was one of 101 towns and cities selected to develop proposals for our Town Deal.

Telford Towns Deal is the agreement signed by government when our Town Investment Plan has been approved by government.

All Town Deals need to have an accountable body, which has to be the local council for that town, in Telford that is Telford & Wrekin Council. Telford & Wrekin Council is responsible for signing the Town Deal with the Telford Town Deal Board and government and is the responsible body for the fund to flow through, as well overseeing the governance of the Town Deal Board.

A 'Town Deal Board' was established in Spring 2020 in accordance with the guidance detailed in the Town Fund prospectus. It includes businesses, business community representative organisations, public sector and other partners committed to improving the town. The Board will lead support, endorse and champion the development and delivery of the Town Investment Plan over the next five years, alongside the council as lead partner, with overall responsibility and management for the programme.

The Telford Towns Board, with support from Telford & Wrekin Council have developed a stakeholder engagement plan as part of the Town Investment Plan. This shows how past engagement that has already happened through other programmes and projects across the town has helped develop Telford’s Investment Plan. The community will have an opportunity to share comments via public consultation online and exhibitions events, which will be publicised via our ‘Get Involved’ page.

Specific FAQs

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